Can I provide a review on a product?

We appreciate all feedback and have provided some guidelines to make sure that your feedback remains helpful to other customers as well. To keep it fair and consistent we only post reviews that are in adherence with these guidelines:

  • Keep feedback based on the product only and your experience of using the product. E.g. size, fabric, how it makes you feel?

  • Be honest - tell us what you like about the product and what you don't like about the product

  • Keep it clean, get to the point and provide helpful feedback for others

  • We are not about anything offensive, racist, crude, so inappropriate comments won't be posted accordingly.                                                                                                             
  • To protect your privacy we can't post any personal information, so use of a nickname for the review is the best way to go. Links to other websites and references to other retailers is also potentially misleading to visitors, so we won't post this info either.