AFLW Pride Guernsey

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Presenting Freo’s first AFLW Pride Round jumper!

The jumper is based around Fremantle’s away strip, with the colours of the Pride Flag filling the chevrons.

The back of the jumper features the Progress Flag and as well as an homage to the popular ‘Containbow’ public artwork located off Canning Highway in East Fremantle.


The Pride Flag is depicted on the front, which has represented the LGBT community since 1978, and more broadly, the Queer community that identify as LGBTIQA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer/questioning, asexual).

The six colours of the flag each have a meaning within the community.
Red – Life
Orange – Healing
Yellow – Sunlight
Green – Nature
Blue – Harmony
Purple - Spirit


The Progress Pride Flag was developed in 2018 as an evolution of the Pride Flag, incorporating brown, black and the traditional Trans Flag colours into what designer Daniel Quasar called a ‘reboot’ of the Pride Flag.

As well as the colours of the Pride Flag, the additional colours give a broader representation to the Queer community.

Light Blue, Pink and White— Trans & nonbinary individuals
Black and Brown—Marginalized POC (People of Colour) communities
Black—Individuals living with AIDS and those who have been lost to the disease

Designed by Fremantle artist Marcus Canning and commissioned by the City of Fremantle, the ‘Containbow’ was not explicitly designed to represent the Queer community but was instantly adapted as a sign of the City’s progressive views, with Canning saying the artwork was “a symbol of many things, including alternative and counter cultural hippy styles and aesthetics, a distinctive and ongoing element of the Freo character.”

Show your pride in this bright, progressive design and Fremantle's first ever Pride Guernsey.